The HRMS Executive Board have decided to call for another general assembly with staffers to discuss important matters concerning the organization. It was also the first meeting after roughly three months that the executive board members were all present in one evening.

The organization is happy to have Ms. Pia Alfonso back after her practicum training at Baguio Country Club. She introduced herself to the staff members and vowed to work with them efficiently and harmoniously. She will surely take time getting to know each staffers of the organization. But with her very outgoing and approachable disposition, it will not be a hard task for her. She also brought with her pasalubongs from Baguio.

The meeting was presided by Mr. Pio Sanchez. He first discussed about the long delayed staffers workshop which the organization really tried pursuing for several times. But due to uncontrollable circumstances, the staffers workshop cannot push through anymore and the project design will not be appropriate anymore since the semester will come to an end six weeks from now. The executive assured the staff members that they already have another plan in place of the staffers workshop which will happen on the 12th of October.

Moreover, Pio discussed the upcoming activities the organization has in the coming seven months. He reiterated to the staffers that there should be a level of secrecy so as not to spill out information to others because all presented plans were just rough drafts of what the executive board thought to organize for the students.

He also enjoined the staff members to be active in promoting the organization through the use of social media. Also, he presented the newly refurbished website of the organization which will serve as a gateway for students to know the happenings inside the organization. There were additional features added to complement the needs of students in obtaining information, news, and updates from the organization such as the staff members and committees the organization has; the activity profile page where students can view what happened on the event organized by the organization; and importantly the org vault page where students can view the financial status of the organization.

It was one fruitful night for the executive board because they get to see the staffers who are still true to their vow to assist the organization in achieving our vision to pursue everyone's passion!

HRM students, the best is yet to come! And we assure you that that best has got even better!

Let us pursue our passion together Thomasian Hospitality Management Students!

September 4, 2012 marked the day of Vitam: Fine, Fresh, Fit!, a health and wellness seminar offered by the Hotel and Restaurant Management Society, a day of fitness and relaxation. The guest speakers shared their knowledge and practical tips on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Awareness about obesity, proper nutrition and how to evade nutrient deficiencies are just some that were mentioned and tackled during the seminar. Another important topic was the MOVABA, which stands for Moderation, Variety and Balance: the three principles of nutrition for healthy eating. Through the Nestle Wellness Mobile, the participants had the chance to know their Body Mass Index (BMI) to evaluate if the current weight is appropriate to one’s height. Also, everyone was given their Wellness belt – the waist line is a perfect indicator for risk to lifestyle disease. Students also got to bring home special healthy living goodies as Nestle gave away awesome freebies and gifts, which included a bag, pen, recipe book and Wellness Passport. 

A guest speaker from the UST Yoga Club also demonstrated his skills and dexterity as he conducted a brief Yoga talk and Yoga Asana Exercise, teaching the proper way of breathing. The seminar which was held at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium was indeed a success, and was very helpful especially to students who are dealing with a lot of paper works to accomplish and experience stress out of their day to day responsibilities. As John Kennedy said, Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body. It is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. So the more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. Health is Wealth, HRM students! 

(Publications Committee)
Feeling burnt out because of the recent Preliminary Examinations? Having sleepless nights trying to accomplish your thesis? Experiencing stress due to unending preparations for your events management class and cafeteria operations? 


The Hotel and Restaurant Management Society invites all HRM students, CTHM Faculty members and administrators to a day of relaxation and wellness. Listen to our guest speakers as they talk about tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle and experience a different kind of exercise as our friends from UST Yoga Club conducts a short Yoga Talk and Yoga Asana Exercise demo. PLUS! Get a chance to bring home some healthy living goodies as our partner, Nestlé will be giving away freebies and gifts. 

See you there, HRM students! For inquiries, feel free to message us here or follow our Twitter account @USTHRMS :)

(August 27, 2012 Article) 

An entirely different yet special meeting of the executive board happened last July 25, 2012 after Mr. Michael Nicerio Barozzo visited to share with us his industry experiences in cruiseline. Mr. Michael Nicerio Barozzo is a Senior Server in Disney Cruises, one of the most exquisite, prestigious, and extravagant cruiseline there is in the industry. We, the executive board is grateful for Mr. Barozzo, a proud Thomasian alumnus, for having the fire of passion ignited.

(August 10, 2012 Article)
What do you do to stay fit? Here are some testaments from your professors and colleagues from ourcollege and be inspired because it is never too late to start living healthy.

Watch out for our wellness seminar on the 28th of August! 

(August 01, 2012 Article)
The three day leaders summit at the Caliraya Beach Resort in Lumban, Laguna did not just develop the bond between your executive board, but enthralled, molded, and exalted us individually as student leaders.

Day 1. The first day would have to be the most important part of the training. We had series of talks from reknowned alumni of the university and of our college as well. The first talk delivered by Mr. Randolph Clet focused more on the philosophy behind the origin of a leader. A question was imposed to us, leaders, in the conference hall: "Are leaders born or made?" Mr. Clet presented clear differences between the two. At the end, he claimed that the question remains irrelevant as leaders were born to be made. The challenge must perhaps be resolved among ourselves. The second talk was delivered by Mr. Lester Lomeda - a talk about molding. His talk revolved around the three core values of Thomasians: Competence, Compassion, and Commitment. He challenged every one of us to have the competence - to go beyond our limits; the compassion - to show genuine concern towards others; and the commitment - to commit ourselves to remain competent and compassionate. The three intrinsic norms we Thomasians uphold that Mr. Lomeda gave basic yet deep interpretation. Finally, a sharing from the two past presidents of the CTHM Student Council about their experiences and learnings while they were in position.

Later that evening, we had the Solidarity Night, an opportunity for us to meet and know other student leaders from other organizations and class councils. A variety show followed after, a breather to entertain everyone on the talents we all possess.

Day 2. The second day of the summit focused more on the camaraderie, teamwork, and sportsmanship of us student leaders. The annual Amazing Race was the first activity of that day. We have undergone series of tasks to accomplish; strenuous activities which require a lot of physical strength; and stamina to keep on going with the race. It was actually hard to run up and down the hill, swim, kayak, and do wall climbing just to grab the first place. But more than that, it was the bond that we developed within the group that matters. Despite all the differences we have, we all went well together, planned as one, and raced as family - that, I guess, is the best lesson I can get from the Amazing Race.

Hours before midnight, we had the Commitment Night, a solemn ceremony by the lake where we, leaders, pledged and took our oath to remain faithful with all the duties and obligations that come our way. The bonfire symbolized the passion we must keep ignited throughout the academic year; moreover, the fire embodies our aspirations and ideals for our college and the university.

Day 3. We took advantage of the time we were given and the place where we stayed at. We had our leisure time just before we departed from Caliraya. We had a lot of activities to choose from such as swimming, zipline, mudslide, ball games, horsebackriding, ... It was our opportunity to exalt, to celebrate the success of the three day summit that molded us to become better leaders of our college.

As your Executive Board faces new challenges that awaits us, we assure you that we will keep the flame of passion burning until we reach the zenith of our vision for our organization, the college, and the university!

Have the motivation, keep the desire, pursue your passion!

(July 11, 2012 Article)

Last July 04, 2012, the Department Chair for Hotel and Restaurant Management with the rest of the college administration organized the annual Parents and Freshmen Orientation. It was held at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium which was graced by the parents and their sons and daughters from the first years.

The parents and students were oriented about the background of the college, program curriculum, policies, and of course the career opportunities that they should expect once they are finally immersed in the real industry.

The Hotel and Restaurant Management Society was given a chance to promote and formally introduce the official organization of all BS Hotel and Restaurant Management Students of the college. The yearlong advocacy, "Pursue Your Passion" was emphasized all throughout the program. The administration is one with the organization in bringing out the best in every freshmen of the college.

(July 10, 2012 Article)

There shall be another orientation on Wednesday for Freshmen regarding the Hotel and Restaurant Management Program of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

(July 02, 2012 Article)

The Hotel and Restaurant Management Society Neocentennial Executive Board welcomes its committee heads and staffers who will help you pursue your passion this academic year!

Castro, Coel John

Committee Head - Dizon, Bea Mei Consuelo
Koizume, Rikuo
Phong, Macherann
Pangilinan, Gleonard McKoy
Cristobal, Princess
Tabo, Maria Kristina
Dantes, Harvey
Caguimbal, Kristine
Escala, Jefferson

Committee Head - Rejas, Jacqueline
Pechardo, Fatima
Aclan, Frances Anne Lorriane 
Cariño, Elena Faith
Gonzales, Ma. Angelo Roman Villanueva

Committee Head - Camaya, Neil

Sia, Maricar May
Basilio, Harvee
Alonzo, Patricia Beatriz
Santos, Adrian Charles

Committee Head: Laurio, Cyril Lawrence

Alcause, Arianne May
Espiritu, Gracielle
Ondevilla, Eunice Ericka

Committee Head: Duro, Alyana

Lacuna, Divine Grace
Buentipo, Leif Kristoffer
Munoz, Maurhen
Tioseco, Martin Antonio

Committee Head: Warren, John Carl 

Malijan, Fruella
Pascua, Kathrina
Solas, Natalie Faye
Bocao, Megan Clare

Committee Head: Mendoza, Vincent

Chan, Renato Jr.
Taguilaso, Maria Aira
Capras, John Paul
La Torre, Alvin Jo.

Committee Head: Lee, Gwyneth Augustine

Cana, Ma. Patricia Faye
Barros, Hyacinth
Basco, Laurenz Jedh
Refuerzo, Michael Louis
Policarpio, Therese

May you keep the flame of passion burning until we reach the zenith of our vision this school year!
Keep on pursuing your passion!

(June 25, 2012 Article)
Tapping on our members' passion to serve is what we aim for last organizational fair. More than a hundred HRM students signed up and showed their intention to serve the department. Last June 19-22, 2012 at MFR2A, the Staffer's Interview was held. And from the pool of applicants, the Executive Board had a deliberation and evaluation last Friday of the staffer's who stood out and showed the burning passion to serve.

The Public Relations Officers of the Hotel and Restaurant Management will be sending SMS messages and e-mails to the new staffers and committee heads of the organization. 

You may also refer to "member's area" tab and the committees and teams page under "about us" tab for the results.

Again, on behalf of the Executive Board, we send our deepfelt gratitude for keeping your passion to serve alive!

Pursue Your Passion!

(June 24, 2012 Article)