The three day leaders summit at the Caliraya Beach Resort in Lumban, Laguna did not just develop the bond between your executive board, but enthralled, molded, and exalted us individually as student leaders.

Day 1. The first day would have to be the most important part of the training. We had series of talks from reknowned alumni of the university and of our college as well. The first talk delivered by Mr. Randolph Clet focused more on the philosophy behind the origin of a leader. A question was imposed to us, leaders, in the conference hall: "Are leaders born or made?" Mr. Clet presented clear differences between the two. At the end, he claimed that the question remains irrelevant as leaders were born to be made. The challenge must perhaps be resolved among ourselves. The second talk was delivered by Mr. Lester Lomeda - a talk about molding. His talk revolved around the three core values of Thomasians: Competence, Compassion, and Commitment. He challenged every one of us to have the competence - to go beyond our limits; the compassion - to show genuine concern towards others; and the commitment - to commit ourselves to remain competent and compassionate. The three intrinsic norms we Thomasians uphold that Mr. Lomeda gave basic yet deep interpretation. Finally, a sharing from the two past presidents of the CTHM Student Council about their experiences and learnings while they were in position.

Later that evening, we had the Solidarity Night, an opportunity for us to meet and know other student leaders from other organizations and class councils. A variety show followed after, a breather to entertain everyone on the talents we all possess.

Day 2. The second day of the summit focused more on the camaraderie, teamwork, and sportsmanship of us student leaders. The annual Amazing Race was the first activity of that day. We have undergone series of tasks to accomplish; strenuous activities which require a lot of physical strength; and stamina to keep on going with the race. It was actually hard to run up and down the hill, swim, kayak, and do wall climbing just to grab the first place. But more than that, it was the bond that we developed within the group that matters. Despite all the differences we have, we all went well together, planned as one, and raced as family - that, I guess, is the best lesson I can get from the Amazing Race.

Hours before midnight, we had the Commitment Night, a solemn ceremony by the lake where we, leaders, pledged and took our oath to remain faithful with all the duties and obligations that come our way. The bonfire symbolized the passion we must keep ignited throughout the academic year; moreover, the fire embodies our aspirations and ideals for our college and the university.

Day 3. We took advantage of the time we were given and the place where we stayed at. We had our leisure time just before we departed from Caliraya. We had a lot of activities to choose from such as swimming, zipline, mudslide, ball games, horsebackriding, ... It was our opportunity to exalt, to celebrate the success of the three day summit that molded us to become better leaders of our college.

As your Executive Board faces new challenges that awaits us, we assure you that we will keep the flame of passion burning until we reach the zenith of our vision for our organization, the college, and the university!

Have the motivation, keep the desire, pursue your passion!

(July 11, 2012 Article)

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