The HRMS Executive Board have decided to call for another general assembly with staffers to discuss important matters concerning the organization. It was also the first meeting after roughly three months that the executive board members were all present in one evening.

The organization is happy to have Ms. Pia Alfonso back after her practicum training at Baguio Country Club. She introduced herself to the staff members and vowed to work with them efficiently and harmoniously. She will surely take time getting to know each staffers of the organization. But with her very outgoing and approachable disposition, it will not be a hard task for her. She also brought with her pasalubongs from Baguio.

The meeting was presided by Mr. Pio Sanchez. He first discussed about the long delayed staffers workshop which the organization really tried pursuing for several times. But due to uncontrollable circumstances, the staffers workshop cannot push through anymore and the project design will not be appropriate anymore since the semester will come to an end six weeks from now. The executive assured the staff members that they already have another plan in place of the staffers workshop which will happen on the 12th of October.

Moreover, Pio discussed the upcoming activities the organization has in the coming seven months. He reiterated to the staffers that there should be a level of secrecy so as not to spill out information to others because all presented plans were just rough drafts of what the executive board thought to organize for the students.

He also enjoined the staff members to be active in promoting the organization through the use of social media. Also, he presented the newly refurbished website of the organization which will serve as a gateway for students to know the happenings inside the organization. There were additional features added to complement the needs of students in obtaining information, news, and updates from the organization such as the staff members and committees the organization has; the activity profile page where students can view what happened on the event organized by the organization; and importantly the org vault page where students can view the financial status of the organization.

It was one fruitful night for the executive board because they get to see the staffers who are still true to their vow to assist the organization in achieving our vision to pursue everyone's passion!

HRM students, the best is yet to come! And we assure you that that best has got even better!

Let us pursue our passion together Thomasian Hospitality Management Students!

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