Tapping on our members' passion to serve is what we aim for last organizational fair. More than a hundred HRM students signed up and showed their intention to serve the department. Last June 19-22, 2012 at MFR2A, the Staffer's Interview was held. And from the pool of applicants, the Executive Board had a deliberation and evaluation last Friday of the staffer's who stood out and showed the burning passion to serve.

The Public Relations Officers of the Hotel and Restaurant Management will be sending SMS messages and e-mails to the new staffers and committee heads of the organization. 

You may also refer to "member's area" tab and the committees and teams page under "about us" tab for the results.

Again, on behalf of the Executive Board, we send our deepfelt gratitude for keeping your passion to serve alive!

Pursue Your Passion!

(June 24, 2012 Article)

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