Feeling burnt out because of the recent Preliminary Examinations? Having sleepless nights trying to accomplish your thesis? Experiencing stress due to unending preparations for your events management class and cafeteria operations? 


The Hotel and Restaurant Management Society invites all HRM students, CTHM Faculty members and administrators to a day of relaxation and wellness. Listen to our guest speakers as they talk about tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle and experience a different kind of exercise as our friends from UST Yoga Club conducts a short Yoga Talk and Yoga Asana Exercise demo. PLUS! Get a chance to bring home some healthy living goodies as our partner, Nestlé will be giving away freebies and gifts. 

See you there, HRM students! For inquiries, feel free to message us here or follow our Twitter account @USTHRMS :)

(August 27, 2012 Article) 

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