Finals Week has set in for the college, but the Hotel and Restaurant Management Society has three more activities to conduct this October!

After the long-delayed Staffers Workshop of the organization, the Sem-Ender Assembly will finally push through this Friday, October 12 at Multi-Function Room 2. Alumni HRM officers will grace the event to facilitate teambuilding activities; moreover, the advisers will conduct the sem-ender assessment for the organization's activities. The executive board will also present its plans for the second semester. The participants of this activity are the committee heads and staff members of the organization.
On October 13, 2012, the Hospitality Internship Culminating Activity will happen at the AMV Multi-Purpose Hall. This is an org-initiated activity for Senior Hospitality Management students of the college. This will serve as 4H1-4H3's culminating activity while 4H4-4H5's general ssembly as they prepare for their practicum training for the second semester.

The top two best performing practicumers per hotel site will be awarded during the event. There will also be a customer service seminar to be conducted by a representative from the Department of Tourism and presentation of a two-year training program by the EDSA Shangrila.
Lastly, the first community development project of the organization will take place on the 16th to 19th of October 2012. The Non-Formal Education is an annual project of the organization.

Join us and together, let us PURSUE OUR PASSION!

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